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Brew Up Some Holiday Magic with a Festive Yule Simmer Pot

Updated: May 12, 2023

pot with oranges, cranberries, anise, and water or wine for a yule simmer pot inside a silver pot.

Welcome the winter season with a warm, festive yule simmer pot! This easy and simple recipe combines tart cranberries, sweet oranges, zesty lemons, spicy cinnamon, aromatic cloves, and fragrant bay leaves to create a wonderful aroma that will fill your entire home. Not only does this yule simmer pot bring the holiday spirit and magic into your kitchen, but it also makes for a great addition to any holiday gathering!

Without having to light candles or burn incense, a simmer pot is a delightful way to bring some kitchen witchery during the holiday season into your home. It's an easy and inexpensive way to make your home smell like a winter wonderland!

Simmer pots are pots that are filled with water, herbs, spices, and fruits that are then heated on the stovetop to release the fragrances into the air. Some popular ingredients for a simmer pot will include cranberries, oranges, lemons, cinnamon, cloves, and bay leaves. The simmering of these ingredients produces a wonderful aroma that will fill your home with seasonal scents.

Not only does a simmer pot provide a delightful scent, it can also add to the atmosphere of your home and can also aide in your manifestations or spell work. The power of the simmer pot can help print your intentions to life in a meaningful and powerful way. The ingredients you choose can help bring your goals and desires to fruition.

oranges, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, lemons, boiling water

For my simmer pot, I choose cranberries, oranges, lemon, cinnamon, cloves, sea salt, and

bay leaves. They are powerful symbols of abundance and gratitude that can promote healing and rejuvenation, good luck, prosperity and optimism, cleansing and purification to ward off negative energy, stimulating spiritual powers, aiding with manifestations and bringing in financial abundance.

Simmer pots can fill any room with uplifting aromas and blessings of abundance! Fill your pot with just enough water to cover all the ingredients. If you choose to use bay leaves, ensure that they are strong enough to be able to write your intentions on them. I then stir its contents counterclockwise to dispel any negative energy within my space, and then again clockwise to bring forth abundance, gaiety, warmth. Set your stove on the lowest heat possible and allow that pot to simmer. Sit back, and feel the warmth of good energy and positivity surround you. Visualize your intentions with gratitude.

Feel free to get creative and use your own instincts and knowledge to create your own simmer pot. Simmer pots can also be used all year round, they are not specific to yule. You can use fruits, herbs, and spices that are in season at the time of your simmer pot. Choose your contents that are best suited for your ritual work.


Yule Simmer Pot Recipe

Try also making it your own by adding in other herbs, spices, and fruits.


  • one lemon, sliced

  • one navel orange, sliced

  • one small bag of cranberries

  • cloves

  • 2 cinnamon sticks

  • Bay leaves - sturdy to write on- as many as you need for your intentions.

  • Tbsp. on Sea Salt - for protection and purification.

Additions to consider: essential oils, pine needles, pine cones, cedarwood.

1. Gather your materials - your pot, herbs, spices, and fruits to your specific needs.

2. Slice up your fruits if you have it.

3. Add everything into the pot, fill with water until the contents are covered fully.

4. Stir counterclockwise to dispel negative energy, and then again clockwise to bring forth positive energy and abundance.

5. Set your stove to the lowest setting and allow pot to simmer.

6. When you are ready to discard your simmer pot, release back into the earth by dumping it outside of your home. Thank the universe for it's energy.

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