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The Spiritual Benefits Of Taking An Epsom Salt Bath & Why Everyone Should Be Doing It

Updated: May 12, 2023

a bathtub with bath tray with oils, salt, and a candle

What Are Spiritual Baths?

Spiritual bathing has had a long and varied history stretching back to the Neolithic period. Overtime, countless different cultures, traditions, and religions have adopted this practice in order to ensure a balanced spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being.

A spiritual bath is a ritualistic practice for connecting with and cleansing your mind, body and spirit. This type of cleansing often involves using specific elements like candles, crystals, herbs, oils, and salts to bring about an energy cleansing that can help to manifest certain desired benefits such as abundance, creativity and more. This is done by being present and mindful in the practice of bathing, allowing you to connect with your higher self and experience a deeper spiritual connection.

Epsom Salt is the Best Salt to Use Because...

Unlike other types of salts, Epsom salt consists of a pristine mineral mix which has both magnesium and sulfate. These substances activate the body's detoxification system through a process called reverse osmosis. Magnesium is needed by 325 different enzymes in the body in order for them to work properly. It helps control inflammation, improve oxygen, blood circulation, and encourages the function of the nerves and muscles. Sulfates can help take in the essential nutrients, minimize headaches, flush out harmful toxins and metals and can even aid the digestive track and strengthen it.

By immersing our largest organ, our skin, in an Epsom salt bath, we can take advantage of the salinity as well as any extra medicinal plants, flowers, or oils that have been blended in. This is a great way to relax, reduce muscle pain, soften our skin, and cleanse the body and mind.

Spiritual Benefits of an Epsom Salt Bath

Spiritual bathing provides many benefits, contingent on the ingredients and intentions utilized. The process aims to purify both our physical and ethereal bodies, referred to as our aura. In this time of increasing technology and heightened stressors, our aura can become overwhelmed with energies from external sources such as people, places, and activities.

Sensitive individuals, especially empaths, can often detect these imprints of energy which can destabilize us. We can’t always protect ourselves from these outer influences, however, we can empower ourselves by using spiritual bathing to cleanse, safeguard, and increase our energy levels.

Other benefits of spiritual baths are:

- Relieves the body of harmful toxins.

- Relaxes the nervous system.

- Eases soreness and tension within the body.

- Improves quality of sleep.

- Encourages relaxation and assists in depression and anxiety.

- Cleanses the energetic body.

- Clears away negative energy.

- Assists with releasing old stagnant energy.

- Helps with intentions, spell work, and manifestations.

What Makes a 'Spiritual Bath' Different from a 'Regular Bath'

I always suggest that people take a shower prior to partaking in a spiritual bath for it is meant to be more than just for hygiene purposes. By incorporating intentional ingredients into the bathwater, it creates a cleansing effect on both the physical and spiritual bodies, removing any stagnant energy and creating space for clarity and renewal.

As a result of spiritual bathing, one will experience an overall sense of serenity and peace while simultaneously amplifying their manifestations in a meaningful way.

Creating Your Spiritual Bath

  1. Make sure that your environment is clean. Ensure that your tub is not full of soap scum, hair, or disorganized.

  2. Take a shower beforehand. When you are done, rinse the tub area.

  3. Prepare your bath water - ensure that it is not too hot, just the right amount of heat that your body can tolerate.

  4. Add 1 to 2 cups of Epsom salt to your bath water.

  5. You can add any herbs, flowers, oils, fruits, crystals etc. to your bath water. Finding ingredients that can aid in your specific intentions can be a wonderful addition when manifesting.

  6. Set the mood. Light some candles, burn some sage, incense, or you can run an oil diffuser. Do what feels right for YOU!

  7. You can incorporate meditation music, guided meditation, spa music, or relaxing sounds or can remain in silence. I recommend not using songs with lyrics.

  8. Before getting in, I like to move the water around and set an intention or prayer for my spiritual bath.

  9. Relax into the water. Close your eyes while you soak and engage your senses. I also like to incorporate breath work here.

  10. Soak for at least 30 minutes. During this time I like to visualize my intentions and allow myself to feel whatever comes up. Allow your higher self to guide you in this process.

  11. After your spiritual bath, you can drain your bath water and gather up your materials you added to the bath and discard them or offer them back to the earth by placing them at the base of a tree. Some also save and dry their ingredients to use for other purposes such as a spell or ritual at a later time.

  12. While the water is draining, I like to close out my prayer by thanking the universe, spirit, and my higher self for their insights, clarity, and assistance.

  13. After your spiritual bath, you can record your insights in a journal or can meditate further. Herbal tea can also be beneficial in aiding to relaxation if that is your thing.

Tips For Your Spiritual Bath

  • Choose ingredients that correlate to your intentions for your bath - Flowers, herbs, fruits, oils, Florida water.

  • If you prefer not to have a mess in your tub or fear your ingredients going down the drain, you can use a large natural muslin or linen drawstring bag - make a bath tea bag!

  • If you wish to incorporate crystals, research crystals that can be in water. NOT all crystals can be immersed under water. For those crystals that cannot get wet, you can set them along the rim of your tub or if you have shelfing, you can place them there on a white towel.

  • If you do not have a tub, you can create a bath tea bag and set it in a bucket of hot water and allow to steep as you shower as normal. When done, you can feel the water in the bucket to ensure it is NOT hot that it will scold and harm your body.

When it is as the right temperature you can move the water clockwise to manifest your intentions towards you or counter clockwise to remove what no longer serves you. You can follow the instructs above and when you are ready you can then pour the water over yourself in the shower. By using a bath tea bag, all your ingredients will not go down the drain.

  • Follow your own gut instincts and do what is right for you. There is no right or wrong way.

  • You can do your spiritual baths before any spell work, ceremony, or prayer.

  • You can use a spiritual bath during moon phases to amplify your magic, prayers, or manifestations.

A quote that says it's more than a bath, it's a transformative experience. You're searching for buoyancy in the soul, and a spring in your step by Amy Leigh Mercree- the Mood book: crystals, oils and rituals to elevate your spirit

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