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In ancient times, Iolite was used to help explorers steer their ships across unforgiving seas, serving as a compass.  This stone can help you navigate the difficult waves of life. 


A great stone for feeling grounded, organized, and clear headed.  Iolite can be used to assist with migraines, sleeping issues, hangovers, and can also help aid in digestion. 


Iolite can be used to astral travel and enhance psychic abilities and fine tun your inner visions.  This potent stone can help us view situations from all different perspectives in order to help us understand ourselves and the world around us. 


Sizes vary - 1.5" - 2.5"


All items are cleansed, charged, and Reiki infused.


Note: The listing is for one (1) specimen, and the photo represents the product that will be intuitively chosen just for you. Natural products vary in size, color, and shape.




All crystal healing uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education.


Healing crystals are spiritual supports to healing and are not meant to replace conventional Health Care.


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